"I chanced upon my hubby and his other family while on holiday"

"I chanced upon my hubby and his other family while on holiday"

It started out like any other holiday. My husband Fred* and I had been to this hotel many times before.

In fact, it had become a ritual for us to visit every year, staying about five days each time - Fred had found the place and I liked the delicious food and wonderful spa treatments they offered.

Some years, we went alone, and other years, our two youngchildren would come along.

Fred had many friends and business associates there, and he would occasionally leave me to my own devices while he went to meet them, coming back in time for dinner.

The other woman

On this holiday, Fred, as usual, told me he was going to meet his buddies.

Innocently, I asked to tag along - in all the 10 years we had been holidaying there, I'd never met his friends.

Fred refused, saying I'd be bored with their mundane chatter. He asked me to enjoy the hotel facilities and wait for his return later that evening. I reluctantly agreed.

However, two hours later, I decided to go shopping in town. I spent a fair bit of time walking around, working up an appetite. Feeling famished, I headed to a nearby cafe for some snacks and a cup of tea.

As I crossed the road to the cafe, I saw Fred sitting at one of the tables, feeding three young children.

They must be his friends' kids, I thought. Eager for my husband's company, I hurried over to him, only to stop short when I noticed a petite woman carrying a tray of food making her way towards Fred.

Seeing is believing

I watched as she sat next to Fred and leaned in for a kiss. My eyes widened in disbelief as my husband kissed her back on the lips.

My heart sank as I watched them gaze lovingly into each other's eyes.

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