"I would have killed my unborn child and then myself"

"I would have killed my unborn child and then myself"

I've always been a dreamer.

When I was young, I imagined my perfect life - I would meet my soulmate at the age of 24, get married before 30, and have three kids by the time I was 40.

Well, part of that dream did come true. I did meet someone at age 26 - and got pregnant.

Pregnancy Scare

I met Jack* at a friend's birthday party 10 years ago and we started dating a month later.

I thought he was perfect - I could picture us settling down and starting our own family. Everything went smoothly until I got pregnant two years into our relationship.

Jack and I had always practised safe sex, so we were both shocked when it happened. I took three pregnancy tests to make sure, before confirming it with a doctor.

A week after that, when I couldn't deny it anymore, I panicked - I called Jack at work and asked him to marry me. I told him I didn't want to be an unwed mother and shame my family. Jack asked me to calm down and said that we'd discuss it later.

Over dinner, Jack said he still couldn't believe I was pregnant and kept asking if there had been a mistake. When I insisted that it was true, he remained silent.

Then he dropped a bombshell by asking me if the baby was his. I was stunned. I couldn't believe the man I loved was questioning my fidelity. Looking him straight in the eye and struggling to keep calm, I told him that he was the only man I had ever slept with during our relationship and I was offended that he would think I was carrying someone else's baby.

I said we had to get married so that we could start a future with our unborn child. We had to do it soon, I added, before my bump startedto show.

But Jack just sat there quietly, looking distressed. When I pressed him for an answer, he said he was overwhelmed by the news and needed time to think things through. He paid for dinner and saw me home, saying he would call soon.

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