Top 10 tips on organising and maximising your wardrobe space

Top 10 tips on organising and maximising your wardrobe space

Love the latest runway trends, or thinking of switching up your spring pastels for fresh and cheery summer outfits but have no space in your wardrobe? Here are some of my top tips on how you can better organise your wardrobe and look for creative ways to maximise your wardrobe space so you can fit more in.


Make the most of your wardrobe by clearing out all those unwanted items that are taking up space. First, empty out your wardrobe then sort your clothes into three piles: One for frequent wear (e.g. work clothes) and weekend casuals, one for special occasions or evening dinners, and one for clothes that you no longer wear - decide which of these are for discarding and recycling, and which can be donated to a local charity.


Getting ready in the mornings can be a mad rush, so make life easier by organising your clothes - this may mean more precious snooze time, and less time digging around for your outfit of the day. Arrange your clothes first by type: Separate your tops from bottoms; and keep the dresses together, and skirts together. Then sort your clothes by colour so you can mix and match your outfits quickly even if you're still half-awake!


Knowing the types of clothes you have will determine the number of shelves or hanging racks you will need. If you are all about dresses, have more long hanging racks so that you will always have room for the dress you have yet to buy; if you love being in the comfort of your T-shirt and jeans, shelves with a depth of 35cm are best for folded clothes so you won't have to reach too far in to get them (a good tip is to stack a maximum of 5-7 pieces, so that you can still easily reach the bottom ones). Or try the Pax wardrobe planner to customise your ideal wardrobe combination so you can maximise storage space! Go to for more details.

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