Best luggage reviewed: 8 suitcases tested to destruction

Best luggage reviewed: 8 suitcases tested to destruction

This article was originally published on the flight comparison site Skyscanner

Skyscanner tests out popular suitcases and puts them through the ultimate 'Suitcase Must Die: Tough Test'. From the Sledge Hammer attack, to having a car dropped on them, watch our videos below to find out which were super-suitcases, and which just couldn't take the abuse.

Suitcase Must Die: The Skyscanner Tough Test

We created a four phase 'tough test' to see how much punishment each piece of luggage could handle before cracking. We thought that having a car dropped onto them would finish them all off, but to our surprise, three of the eight cases survived even that!

Test 1: Sparta Kick

To simulate a fall (or a baggage handler's throw!) from an aircraft luggage-hold onto tarmac, we kicked each case from a height of about 1.5m onto the ground.

Test 2: Hammer Attack

Suitcases can take a battering during transit, so we got Skyscanner's very own 'Polish Viking' to go to work on each case with a 20 kg sledge hammer.

Test 3: The Stomp

In their travelling lives, suitcases take a lot of rough treatment, like getting kicked and trodden on, so we got our Polish Viking, (who weighs the same as a juvenile polar bear at 150kg), to take a walk over a carpet of cases.

Test 4: The Car Drop

OK - so the chances of a car just falling out of the sky on to your suitcase during your everyday travels are very low (hopefully!), but we couldn't resist the chance for a bit of case carnage. None of us thought any of the cases would survive this, but we were wrong! There truly are some tough pieces of luggage out there.

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