'OMG, you slept with the boss!'

'OMG, you slept with the boss!'

'I had a fling with my supervisor.' - Carina*, 31, senior copywriter

"When I met my expat supervisor John* on my first day at a new job, I felt a strong sexual connection. He had a strapping body and a cute smile. He seemed to like me too - the very next day, he was already complimenting me on my outfits.

Two Fridays later, our team went for after-work drinks. John and I were the only ones who stayed till midnight. Suddenly, he kissed me, and before I knew it, we were back at his apartment, having sex. I knew that it was wrong, but I didn't want to think about the consequences then.

For a month after that, we would lunch together and sneak kisses in the pantry. It didn't take long before my co-workers suspected something was up. I pretended I didn't hear the gossip, but I felt cheap and ashamed. I was also terrified of being seen as someone who would sleep her way to the top. I genuinely liked John and had hoped that we could be something more.

My wake-up call came when he revealed, after a month, that he'd resigned and was leaving Singapore. When I asked what would happen to us, he shrugged it off. That was when the penny dropped: I meant nothing to him. I thought about resigning - I wanted to run away from the rumours and the dirty looks from my co-workers - but another part of me was determined not to let this failed affair derail my career.

During John's final month in the company, I kept my distance and threw myself into my work. I was careful not to ruffle his feathers too much - I didn't want him to give his replacement a bad review of me out of spite. I remained friendly towards him, but never crossed the line to overt flirtatious behaviour. At the same time, I worked doubly hard, took on more projects and contributed more at meetings.

After John left, I never heard from him again. Thank goodness the higher-ups never suspected a thing. The lesson here? Think of the consequences before getting together with a colleague, especially your boss."

* Names have been changed.


1. To read the rest of this article, get a copy of the April 2014 issue of Her World, Singapore's No. 1 women's magazine. Her World, published by SPH Magazines is available at all newsstands now.

2. Sasha Gonzales is a freelancer writer with Her World magazine by SPH Magazines. Check out more stories at www.herworldplus.com

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