No canned pork with halal label sold in Brunei: Ministry

The Ministry of Religious Affairs' Halal Food Control Section yesterday denied the selling of canned pork that was labelled halal at supermarket chain Hua Ho.

A picture of a canned pork with halal logo had been circulating on social media, claiming that the product is being sold at Hua Ho's Tanjong Bunut branch.

A spokesperson from the section said the canned pork product is not sold in Brunei.

"Once we receive complaints from the public, we immediately visited the supermarket. Based on the inspection, we didn't find any canned pork with a halal logo at the non-halal section. We even checked in other branches, but did not find the said product," he told The Brunei Times.

The spokesperson, who declined to be named, said this was not the first time such pictures have been misleading the public via social media.

"The halal logo is easily edited and attached to a non-halal food picture.

"It is impossible to see canned pork with a halal logo on it. Throughout our food inspection, we have never seen any non-halal food with the halal logo," he continued.

The spokesperson said Muslims should not trust any non-halal food, especially pork, with a halal logo attached to it.

Meanwhile, a supervisor at Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut branch denied selling canned pork that was labelled halal.

"The same goes to other branches. The non-halal section wouldn't sell any canned food with a halal logo," she added.