No CNY steamboat for Fann & Chris for baby's safety

It's baby Zed's first Chinese New Year. And, boy, has the six-month-old changed things for his parents.

Local celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee even did away with the usual steamboat spread for their annual reunion lunch, all for the sake of keeping him "safe".

Wong, 44, told The New Paper: "Every year, we have steamboat and lo hei (prosperity toss) with my family, but because of Zed, we changed a little this year as I was a little scared (for his safety)."

Instead, they ordered dishes like pen cai (a "treasure pot" filled with premium seafood), roast meat and claypot rice from a restaurant for the Chinese New Year's Eve meal last Wednesday.

Little Zed feasted on his own cod fish and carrot porridge.

The married actors were speaking to The New Paper yesterday at a press conference, where they were unveiled as the new ambassadors of Iskandar Malaysia's upcoming Sungai Pulai Wellness Resort.

That's not all. The first-time parents also overdid the preparations for the week-long trip to Malacca they made by car to visit Lee's family.

Wong smiled as she recalled: "We were worrying about what to bring along for Zedzed as it was his first time travelling for so long to another country. We packed and repacked, I felt like we brought our entire house there."

Lee, who was born in Malaysia said: "I brought his clothes, lotion, all the toiletries, basins to wash him in and more. I also packed extra long-sleeved clothes so that he wouldn't be cold."

The 44-year-old added: "However, when we reached there, the air-conditioning in the hotel room we stayed at was too cold, so we had to go out and shop for more warm clothing for Zed."


Wong said she was initially nervous as Zed is an impatient baby and she was worried that he would not be able to stay still during the car ride.

Her anxiety worsened when their car was stuck in heavy traffic en route to Malaysia, causing the journey there to stretch to five hours. "I thought he would wail and cry, but thankfully, he didn't. Instead, he was looking out of the window at the scenery."

The little tyke, who weighs 7.1kg has also begun developing his own personality.

Said Lee: "Zed doesn't like sitting down. If I sit down while carrying him, he will keep twisting and turning non-stop until I stand up and walk around. He is also quite impatient and bad-tempered. I think he will be an extrovert in the future."

As for the amount collected from Zed's red packets, Wong said: "The hongbao are all under his pillow now. Sticking to our tradition, we only open them next year."

Lee added jokingly to this reporter: "I will tell you how much he received in a year's time."

This article was first published on Feb 27, 2015.
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