No discussion with HDB on retirement village: Foundation

We refer to Thursday's article ("First HDB retirement village on the cards").

The Tsao Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and I shared with The Straits Times the aspiration for creating a community that would enable successful ageing and ageing-in-place, and discussed a pilot scheme to enable seniors to age-in-place that we are developing in conjunction with the City For All Ages initiative and other partners in Whampoa.

In that conversation, I mentioned that such a community would - ideally - have a comprehensive slew of services integrated into HDB housing, such as assisted living facilities.

It is our hope that we will have the opportunity to participate in such a scheme in the future, and we have expressed our interest to the Ministry of Health.

I emphasised that this conversation on our possible involvement is very exploratory and far from concrete.

The Tsao Foundation is not in discussion with the HDB on setting up Singapore's "first HDB retirement village" and I apologise if it has been miscommunicated.

Mary Ann Tsao (Dr)

Chairman Tsao Foundation

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