No permit but still open for business

PHOTO: No permit but still open for business

JOHOR BARU - Almost half of the business owners around here are running their operations even before the local council has approved the licence for them.

Mayor c said that these businessmen would risk paying a fine of RM500 (S$195) than wait for their licence to be issued, which could take up to a month.

"Premises licence for businesses under the non-sensitive category is usually issued within a day. For businesses under the sensitive category, it would take about a month to be approved," he said yesterday.

Businesses that are categorised as non-sensitive include hair salons, stationery and photography shops. Kindergartens, goldsmiths, spas and entertainment outlets are classified under the sensitive category.

Addressing Johor Baru City Council's monthly meeting, Ismail said that many business owners had not ensured the proper use of the national language in their advertisement banners which they put up in front of their shops.

"Some do not even bother to ensure that the advertisements are translated into Bahasa Malaysia while others contained spelling errors.

"To overcome this problem, we have decided to make it compulsory for owners to obtain an approval from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka before putting up the advertisements," he added.

Ismail said that enforcement officers would be conducting checks at business premises in and around Johor Baru to ensure that they displayed a valid licence.

The Housing and Local Government Ministry would be conducting checks on the language on advertisement banners at business premises in Johor Baru on Sept 11, he added.