No signs these machines dispense clean water

PETALING JAYA - One vending machine in Sunway Mentari here was installed in a narrow shop lot corridor amidst strewn rubbish.

The slot where water is dispensed was found to be dirty, rusty and without a door.

There was no sign of a maintenance sticker on the machine and it was not known when the water filters of the vending machine were last cleaned.

The two filters linked to the machine looked old, and had moss and dirt covering the hinges.

In another machine located in Subang Jaya, algae was found growing in the dispenser.

It stood next to a narrow drain which was clogged by rubbish.

As was the case of the Sunway Mentari machine, it was located in a busy area, with many people, mostly local residents of nearby flats, buying water from it.

Checks on several other vending machines located by the roadside showed broken doors, exposing the spout to dust, dirt and exhaust fumes from passing vehicles.

Most of the 29 machines checked during the survey did not display the dates they were last serviced and did not have proper doors.