No staff at this make-your-own-drink cafe in US

When you usually go to a coffee shop, you expect to find a waitress or at least a cashier behind the counter in order to pay for your beverage.

You won't find either in this particular coffee shop, though. The Vault cafe just opened in Valley City, North Dakota.

The owners, David and Kimberly Brekke, don't hire any staff members, including a cashier, reports Things You Didn't Know.

Each customer is free to make their beverage of choice and put as much money in the cash till as he/she wishes to.

Not only are the customers using the honoring system responsibly, but Mr. Brekke, who enters the cafe every now and then only to stock it up, shares that they are even generous enough to tip the till with some extra cash.

Furthermore, apart from having a variety of beverages, the Vault's customers are free to have a quick snack, read a book or a magazine and even play on the two pianos placed in the cafe.

By the looks of it, the citizens of Valley City already love The Vault.

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