Beach-goers, clean up your act

Recently, when I took a stroll along East Coast Park beach, I was shocked to see rats crawling all over the area.

The rats are there because litter is often not cleared properly by beach-goers.

Many people hold barbecues, picnics and parties on the beach. There are also many campers on weekends.

If these people are not careful about how they clear their rubbish, the area will become very dirty.

This will attract more ants, cockroaches and rats.

I have informed the National Environment Agency and it said that it will be doing something about the issue soon.

However, beach-goers have a very important role to play. The beach should be cleaned after use and all waste materials (such as paper bags, plastics or wrappers) disposed of properly.

Otherwise, rats and other pests will also be throwing parties on the beach.

(myp reader, Mr Ishwar Mahtani)