Card reader breakdowns result in unfair bus charges

There have been several occasions when the ez-link card readers on buses broke down and commuters were unable to tap their fare cards when alighting.

This happened to me recently. As a result, I was charged the maximum fare for the ride.

Later, when I was transferring to another bus service, I was charged for a new ride instead of enjoying a cheaper fare under the distance-based fare system.

Many commuters on that bus were not aware of this extra charge.

I wrote to SBS Transit and was told that it did not have a system to automatically reimburse commuters who paid additional fares as a result of card reader breakdowns.

Instead, commuters could go to any TransitLink ticket office to file claims for over-deductions, or do so via its website or call centre.

My concern is that there is no system in place to prevent unsuspecting commuters from being overcharged.

Perhaps the relevant authorities could take up the issue with the bus companies.

Richard Heah