Cabby jailed over road rage attack

SINGAPORE - A cabby who punched a motorcyclist in a road rage attack was on Thursday jailed for two weeks.

Poh Teik Eng hit the rider on the chest after cutting in front of him in heavy traffic.

The court heard the 43-year-old was driving his taxi on Havelock Road when he suddenly tried to switch lanes.

Motorcyclist Yen Chee Jiang, who was behind him, sounded his horn before overtaking the taxi and shouting "Oi'' as he passed.

When the rider stopped at a red traffic light, he heard someone yelling.

He turned around to see Poh about three to four car lengths behind, standing beside his taxi.

The cabby demanded to know why Mr Yen had shouted at him.

His victim replied that Poh should not be driving if he did not know how to do it.

Enraged, the cabby ran towards Mr Yen, 28, and tried to punch him on the head.

When the motorcyclist blocked the punch with his left hand, Poh punched him on the chest.

Poh pleaded guilty to causing hurt during the attack, which happened at about 9am on Feb 10 last year.

Defence lawyer Diana Ngiam said her client did signal before trying to change lane. She said he was very sorry and asked for a chance.

District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim added that Poh had clearly over-reacted.

She found no exceptional circumstances that distinguished the attack from a typical road rage case, for which a jail sentence should be the norm.

Poh could have been jailed for up to two years, fined up to $5,000 or both.