10 apps to help you keep fit while fasting

1. Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this smart gadget measures your blood pressure and provides detailed results. Helps track your BP automatically. US$129.95 (S$163) at www.amazon.com.

2. iHealth Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker

Works with iOS and Android devices. This durable tracker helps monitor your physical activities, sleep and diet. RM285 at www.expansys.my.

3. Basis B1 Watch

This water-resistant watch has multiple sensors on its back that automatically gather information such as your heart rate, skin temperature and even perspiration! US$199 at www.mybasis.com.

4. iBitz by GeoPalz

This wireless family fitness monitor is available in two variants - the V3 PowerKey, priced at US$34.99, for kids and the V3 Unity, priced at US$49.99 for adults. Each family member can download the app on iPhone or iPod Touch to play over 50 games. The app can also tracks BMI and physical activity of each member. At geopalz.com/store/view-all-ibitz.php.

5. Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox

Need help to remind you to take your medication? As you deviate from normal routine, this smart pillbox serves as a reminder. It also stays powered for six weeks with every charge. US$149.95 at www.hammacher.com.

6. Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale

Do you have the tendency to overeat each time you break fast? Check your fat intake with this digital scale which tells you when you've breached your normal weight. US$43.98 at www.amazon.com.

7. Fitbit One Wireless

This activity and sleep tracker also comes with a silent alarm that wakes you at a set time. US$90.76 at www.amazon.com.

8. Zensorium Tinke

To measure how well your body is doing, plug this gizmo into your iPhone jack and place your thumb on the sensors. The Tinke will read your blood oxygen level, heart rate variability and respiratory rate. You can also share the results using social media platforms. US$119 at shop.zensorium.com.

9. LUMOback Posture Sensor

This belt has sensors to work its iOS app to track movement, giving vibes when you slouch which will prompt you to sit or stand straight. US$149 at store.lumoback.com.

10. Nike+Fuelband

You may not be as disciplined as the next person in the gym, so set a daily activity goal. Nike+ Fuelband can help motivate you to do your best in keeping calories down. Run, walk, play basketball or dance and the band will track your progress. US$149 at www.nike.com.