Free WiFi most important when travellers pick accommodation

Ready to plan your vacations? Need to pick your accommodation? What would be your criteria for your hotel of choice?

According to online accommodation booking services, topping the list of must­have hotel amenities are free WiFi and free food and beverages, with caffeine being a must. The rest are just, well, extras.

From the findings, 34 per cent say free WiFi is the No.1 factor in choosing a hotel, even for leisure stays, and 56 per cent say that free WiFi is their top must-have when travelling for business.

Finally, 66 per cent indicate that free Wifi is the amenity they most wish would become standard at all hotels this year. Only 11 per cent of global travellers say they would be willing to pay for WiFi when staying in a hotel.

So free WiFi trumps both free parking and complimentary breakfast when it comes to choosing a hotel.

Next up is high-end coffee makers, with 23 per cent choosing it as their top modern amenity in a hotel room. Then 20 per cent voted for totally wired rooms which are completely controlled by one remote for any need.

And little things do count - keeping hydrated is important as 43 per cent of guests chose complimentary bottled water as the most appreciated simple amenity. Only respondents from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Brazil placed free power adaptors over bottled water.

Nutrients also ruled, with free breakfast being the highest (31 per cent) non-tech item global travellers want to see become a standard. Happy hours, wine tastings or any other time with free food and drinks constitute 42 per cent of travellers' favourite newly offered hotel services. International breakfast options come in second, at 19 per cent.

Free food and beverages is cited as the most (23 per cent) missed comfort from home while access to cooking in the kitchen comes in second at 14 per cent.

A high-end fitness centre and/or spa, say 26 per cent of respondents, is their favourite amenity while staying at a luxury hotel. Designer toiletries also rank high at 21 per cent.

However, travellers turned up their noses at bath menus/bath butlers (26 per cent) and turn-down service (24 per cent).

So let's just hope hotels pay attention to their guests' views!