Dad's body found in house, son's body dragged for over 1km

SINGAPORE - She was driving home from Sentosa along Upper Serangoon Road when the sight of a body wedged under a silver Toyota Camry shocked her.

Immediately, she honked at the car, along with "15 to 20 other cars", said the Caucasian eyewitness of the horrific scene. "A motorcyclist even rode right up beside the car and tried to get its attention."

But the car, which was dragging the body of a man "face down" while leaving a trail of smeared blood on the road, showed no signs of slowing down.

"It wasn't speeding, but it was definitely trying to weave in and out (of traffic)," she said.

She said it kept going for another 400m before the body eventually dislodged at the taxi stand just outside Kovan MRT station. The car continued without stopping, she added.

The driver is still on the run.

Police staff then led the eyewitness away before TNP could ask for her particulars.

It is believed the body, which was confirmed by the police to be a Chinese male in his 40s, had been dragged for over 1km - judging by the blood trail which stretched from Kovan MRT to a corner terrace along Hillside Drive.

It is believed that he suffered multiple lacerations on his neck and face, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The body was also one of two found by police Wednesday afternoon. The other, a Chinese male in his 70s, was found at the garden of the corner terrace house along Hillside Drive. It is believed that he suffered slash wounds.

TNP believes the two victims are father and son.

Police said they received a call about the incident at Kovan MRT station at 3.40pm.

When TNP arrived at Kovan MRT on Wednesday following a tip-off from the TNP hotline, police had cordoned off the area.

We traced the blood trail to the house at 14J Hillside Drive and found an ambulance parked outside the landed property, which was also cordoned off by police.

A large pool of dried blood stained the road outside the gate.

Family members were gathered outside the cordon. When approached, they declined to comment.

They were later seen sobbing and wailing as they were told details of what happened by the police. Some family members tried to rush in, but were stopped by the police.

About 50 police officers and forensic staff were deployed at the house on Wednesday.

What exactly took place Wednesday, though, remains unclear.

Neighbours that TNP spoke to gave varying accounts.

One neighbour, who declined to give his name, said it was a case of robbery and murder. "The father was slashed during the robbery. The son tried to stop the robbers, who then hit him with a car, which dragged him all the way (to Kovan MRT station)."

Another neighbour, Mr Andrew Tan, said the occupants of the house included an elderly couple who have "lived here for 10 years". He also said the occupants owned a Toyota Camry.

This was confirmed by another neighbour, who wanted to be known only as Mr Pang. He also said the licence plate number of the occupants' car was SGM 14J.

Most of the other neighbours, though, said they did not see or hear anything.

Police said they are investigating and are appealing for witnesses and information from anyone who knows the whereabouts of the silver Toyota Camry with the number plate SGM 14J.