Fujitsu Lifebook CH702 ...dazzling with feminine appeal

The term pretty powerful has never been more spot on.

Ultra feminine for ultra stylish women so says the tag line for the Fujitsu Lifebook CH702. This is a laptop built specifically for women with only their interest as a priority.

When someone says feminine the immediate response most will come up with will resemble this Lifebook as it is a sleek, thin ultrabook finished with shiny objects.

This limited edition is built to order in Japan and fully imported therefore demanding the hefty price of RM4,296 (S$1,700) and is attainable through pre-ordering on the company's website.

The charm

The CH702 comes in three colours: Pure White, Girly Pink or Rich Brown. One look at the ultrabook and there is no denying that this is not for the boys.

The Lifebook with its Ultrabook profile has a decorative metallic add-on which enables the user to pry open the laptop easily and also has the added quality of transforming the closed laptop to look like a clutch (the handbag).

Carrying this Lifebook is as easy as bringing along your handbag and is probably thinner than most handbags, being only 17.5mm.

It is advertised as being thin and light which makes sense as it weighs 1.45kg .

The insides of the Lifebook features a dust-proof keyboard that boasts a zirconian finish which complements the overall femininity of the laptop.

Zircons aren't the only precious stone that Fujitsu has incorporated into design. The start-up button is fashioned to look like a pearl while the lights beside it have a diamond finishing on top.

The Ultrabook sits on four black pearls while the thin and light AC adaptor is bejewelled as well.

It comes bundled with a bejewelled mouse shaped like a compact while the bag and pouch for the Lifebook and the adaptor, respectively are decorated with pearl charms hanging off the zippers.

If you think that's where the stones and pearls end, you will be wrong. Right next to the brand's name, situated on the decorative metal add-on, is a large pink diamond. Of course, these aren't the real deal.

The speakers however, took on a more organic appearance. Located at the bottom and on the left side of the Lifebook, they are shaped like little four-petal flowers.

The attitude

Putting aside the pretty, feminine aesthetics of this Lifebook, it runs on an Intel i5 processor and 4GB memory.

Built into it is a 500GB hard drive which isn't as much as some of the other notebooks in the market, but is generally good enough if you are not going to be installing software by the bulk.

One of the main promotional points for this Lifebook is what Fujitsu has named Diary and Scrapbook, the function of which is fairly obvious based solely upon the names.

In this day of voyeurism, the word diary no longer takes on the connotation of being a secret which would explain the behaviour of the app bundled with the notebook. Diary looks like a mobile app and it is linked to a social networking site like Facebook.

This software is meant to allow you to share pictures and special moments from your life immediately from your computer to your Facebook page.

Scrapbook, on the other hand, is just like Diary in that you are able to share pictures to Facebook. However, just like in real life, Scrapbook allows you to create collages and add on decorative "stamps" to your pictures so that you can beautify it further before sharing on Facebook.

All this is done against a white and silver damask background adorned with bejeweled diamonds and hearts.

Finishing touch

The outstanding feature of this notebook is, of course, the appearance. It is undeniably feminine and is actually quite a good design considering their target market.

The intelligent touchpad is easy and smooth gliding your finger tips across the flowery pad is effortless. The notebooks zircon-finished keyboard is also easy and smooth to use, but may prove a bit tricky to the ladies with longer nails.

Since it is a limited edition and is built to order, it is easy to understand why it is a bit more expensive in comparison with most notebooks in the market but is the price justified by the final product?

First and foremost, Fujitsu isn't offering you the latest processor with this notebook while some others in the price range do, because the extra moolah has been spent on mostly looks.

Also, one of our main concerns is that the decorative add-ons aren't plentiful and after a long period of constant opening, closing and perhaps some mishandling, the metal bits are going to come loose.

In all honesty, it isn't a bad notebook and there are surely hoards of women attracted to the looks of the Lifebook and it does do what Fujitsu intended it to be stylish.

However, while it is appealing to many, one can't help but question why Fujitsu made a computer for only one specific type of stylish woman when the world comprises of all sorts of women who are equally as stylish but may want more than looks.