S'pore committed to tackling climate change

We thank Mr Srirekam Kesava Purushotham for his feedback ("Global warming spells trouble for Singapore"; May 30).

We agree that climate change is a global challenge that requires all countries to play their part.

Singapore therefore supports and actively participates in the multilateral negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and in other organisations such as the International Maritime Organisation and International Civil Aviation Organisation to develop measures to reduce emissions in these sectors.

Under the UNFCCC, we made a voluntary pledge to reduce our emissions below business-as-usual levels by 2020. We are working with other countries towards a new global agreement on climate change by 2015.

Domestically, we adopt a multi-pronged approach to meet our pledge and do our part in addressing climate change.

Given our limited ability to switch to renewable energy on a large scale, energy efficiency is one of Singapore's key strategies to reduce emissions.

We are the first country in the world to mandate minimum environmental sustainability standards for existing buildings, in addition to new buildings.

Our vehicle ownership and usage control measures are coupled with encouraging a switch to low-emission cars and taxis through the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme.

The Energy Conservation Act requires large energy users to implement energy management practices.

Singapore is also taking action to address the potential impact of climate change on coastal protection, water supply and drainage, public health, biodiversity and infrastructure.

Since the end of 2011, we have raised the minimum reclamation level of new reclamation projects by an additional metre, to 2.25m above the highest recorded tide level.

The Centre for Climate Research Singapore is the first centre in the world for tropical climate research.

Addressing climate change also offers opportunities for green growth. Singapore is well-positioned to develop as a global clean-tech hub that will provide high-value-added jobs and growth opportunities for Singaporeans.

Everyone has a part to play in the global effort against climate change. We also work with our partners in the people, public and private (3P) sectors on education and outreach programmes to promote climate change awareness and action.

Yuen Sai Kuan
3P Network Division National Climate Change Secretariat, Prime Minister's Office