Tackle reckless, inconsiderate driving too

Although I empathise with Ms Joanne Lee Li-Li's unpleasant experience ("Slam the brakes on road rage"; June 8), it is regrettably a one-sided account of the incident.

While I fully agree that road rage and any form of violence have no place on our roads and should not be tolerated, little has been said of the inconsiderate and dangerous driving of fellow motorists.

While most people who encounter reckless driving endure it, such driving may sometimes trigger an unpredictable reaction.

These days, road hogging, abruptly changing lanes without signalling, aggressive overtaking and making sudden exits when driving on the expressway seem to be the order of the day on our roads.

Recently, I was forced to be part of a "convoy of vehicles" behind a car that was moving at 60kmh on the outermost lane of the expressway. When I finally passed the car, I saw that the driver was busy talking on his cellphone.

On another occasion, a taxi driver hogged the expressway's outermost lane as well, while driving at 70kmh. Instead of switching lanes to give way to others, the cabby stepped on his brakes abruptly to intimidate the vehicles behind him.

It is such inconsiderate and brutish behaviour on the roads by some drivers that can easily escalate into more serious situations.

In addition to better, tougher police enforcement, a rigorous approach to road courtesy is needed to target inconsiderate behaviour on the roads.

Mohamad Rizuan Pathie