Less sex more snacks, say Singapore vacationers

Singaporeans love their food – they would even place food over sex on their beach vacation.

This was revealed in an Expedia survey – the 2013 Flip Flop Report – that was conducted between April 19 and May 15. The online survey asked some 8,000 travellers in 21 countries from North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific about their behaviour and attitudes towards beach vacations.

In the study which surveyed 305 Singaporean participants, 65 per cent of Singaporeans confessed that they would eat more than they normally would while on holiday.

One in two (53%) said they would get intimate with their partner. While vacation sex is not a top priority for Singaporeans, 69 per cent of Malaysians said getting intimate with their partner during vacation is their No. 1 priority.

Singaporeans, compared to Malaysians, were less likely to get intimate with a stranger while holidaying. Only 9 per cent of Singaporeans would do that; while 20 per cent of Malaysians surveyed said they have no qualms about getting intimate with a stranger.

Interestingly, the Expedia survey revealed that 29 per cent of Singaporean beachgoers have gone nude or topless on a beach before – this is higher than the global average of 27 per cent.

Looking good on the beach is also relatively important for Singaporeans as 29 per cent of them have indicated that they work out just before going on a beach holiday. While this leaves us wondering if this is so that they can binge on more later, the report shows that this figure for weight-loss effort is above the regional average of 27 per cent.

Not to put their hard work to waste, 39 per cent of Singaporeans would also invest in new beach outfits and 14 per cent would get a nice tan in order to flaunt their beach-ready bodies when they are finally at their beach destination lounging on deck chairs, while sipping on cocktails.