Malaysia gets first interactive wax museum

SELANGOR - Red Carpet @ i-City, Malaysia's first interactive wax museum, is a step closer to completion after Malaysian property developer I-Bhd's director Monica Ong sealed the deal with Zhongshan City Elephant Sculpture Art Co Ltd (ZCESA), which is designing and building the wax figures for urban development i-City in Shah Alam, Selangor.

ZCESA was represented by Zhao Xue Rong during the signing ceremony. Also present to witness the event were the Malaysian consul-general in Guangzhou Francisco Munis, I-Bhd executive chairman Lim Kim Hong, ZCESA president and chairman Liu Zhen and the project's creative design director Bernardo Munoz.

Ong said i-City's leisure component currently drew about 90,000 people a week and it anticipated Red Carpet to add at least another 10,000 visitors a week after it opens in August.

"Malaysia is very privileged to be the first home for these interactive wax exhibits that possess both voice and motion capabilities.

"The technology is not new but the idea to combine it into one product is," she said.

She added that I-Bhd's leisure segment had contributed 32 million ringgit (S$12.8 million) to the company's revenue last year and the company was expected to double the figure to 64 million ringgit this year, with Red Carpet contributing significantly.

"Red Carpet is the main attraction we are rolling out for Visit Malaysia Year 2014, although there would be several smaller projects in the works," Ong said, adding that the Tourism Ministry had been supportive and was already heavily promoting Red Carpet @ i-City in its campaigns.

Munoz was confident the project was the first of its kind in the world and he hoped to allow visitors to be involved with the exhibits in an environment that was sophisticated.

"Red Carpet will stand out as a brand because it is unique. It gives people the opportunity to rub shoulders with their favourite celebrities and even take pictures and interact with them," he said.

Ong added that various promotions would be offered for Red Carpet @ i-City. She said tickets would be priced at 80 ringgit for adults and 40 ringgit for children. There will be a family package of 180 ringgit for two adults and two children.

To encourage Internet purchases, Ong said there would be an additional discount of 10 per cent for purchases made online.

She said the leisure segment contributed 50 per cent of I-Bhd's revenue currently, but she expected the real estate segment to pick up in 2014.