Change in mobile terms: StarHub replies

We thank Mr Ong Wee Kok for his feedback ("Can telcos change terms in mid-contract?"; May 8).

For the past 13 years, we have billed our mobile post-paid customers on a per-second basis.

While business costs have been on the rise, we decided against increasing our mobile call rate and instead implemented a minimum charge for just the first minute of voice calls.

After the first minute, voice calls will be charged as per our usual practice of per-second billing.

In our decision to implement the minimum call charge, we considered the fact that there would not be a significant change in call usage charges for most of our customers, whose usage does not exceed the bundled minutes of talk time on their plans.

To adapt to prevailing market conditions, improve our services and serve customers better, we may, from time to time, change certain terms of our service, such as tariffs, price plans and charges.

Nonetheless, we take all possible steps to ensure that our customers are given reasonable advance notice of such changes.

Details of our service terms and conditions are available at

Cassie Fong (Ms)

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, StarHub