Number of weddings hit 30-year high in 2012

SINGAPORE - The number of weddings hit a three-decade high in 2012, and the number of divorces was down after 10 years.

According to the numbers released by the Singapore Department of Statistics on Wednesday, there were 27,936 civil and Muslim weddings registered last year, a 2.5 per cent increase from 2011.

Muslim marriages were also on the uptrend with 4,802 registered in 2012, compared to 4,418 registered in 2011.

The median age for first time grooms was 30.1 while for brides, it was 28. This shows a trend of couples prefering to start a family later in life from a decade ago, where media age for grooms was 29.1 and 26.5 for females.

While divorces and annulments have been on a steady increase for the past decade, the number fell last year from 7,604 in 2011 to 7,241 in 2012.

The median duration of these marriages that end up in a divorce or annulment is 10.3 years.