Make-your-own-bots a big hit with kids

What could be more fun than playing with robots? Well, what about making your own?

This was what some children got to do at seasonal camps organised by Children's Technology Workshop, an education centre focused on teaching applied technology curricula to children.

They learnt skills, such as digital art and stop-motion animation at icamp and programming and building robots in Robo Camp.

The participants, aged six to 13, built robots from scratch and learnt how to programme them to move.

Instructor Muhammad Hafidz Mohammad Rani, 29, said: "It's good to have a fun-based learning experience for kids.

We've had good feedback from parents.

Some of the kids come to our camps every holiday."

The company runs lessons as an extracurricular activity in a few schools, including Overseas Family School, Singapore American School, and St Joseph's Institution International School.

Finn Wallevik, seven, enjoyed the lessons so much that he convinced his parents to let him and his brother, Liam, 10, attend the holiday camps.

Finn said: "I wanted to come for Robo Camp because I'd like to build robots."

Another participant, Matthew Foo, eight, said: "I have a lot of fun here. I told my parents I want to keep coming back."

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