Measures in place to clear fallen trees: NParks

We thank Mr Ravi Govindan for his feedback ("Set up response team to deal with fallen trees"; June 20).

We have rapid response teams on motorcycles to deal with fallen trees or branches resulting from stormy weather.

They are on standby with chainsaws to clear such obstructions on public roads quickly.

In the interest of public safety, we also respond to calls on our 24-hour helpline 1800-471-7300 even if the affected trees are managed by other agencies.

In instances where there are traffic accidents or injured people, other agencies such as the Singapore Civil Defence Force will be roped in to conduct rescue operations and provide medical aid.

During the intense storm on June 1, when a tree fell in the Sembawang Park area, our response team was dispatched immediately and arrived within half an hour of notification.

Fortunately, no one was trapped or injured.

Heavy load-bearing vehicles had to be deployed because of the unusually huge tree.

The road was completely cleared for traffic four hours later.

Within the park, our priority was to clear fallen trees and branches from public footpaths to ensure park users' safety.

As for the damaged park bench, we have since replaced it.

- Oh Cheow Sheng, Director, Streetscape National Parks Board