The great salary debate: It's a 'marketing' problem

In the age of Facebook, we should market our achievements and try to get as many "likes" as possible for them.

SINGAPORE - It is sad to read the critical comments from a foreigner-turned-Singapore citizen quoted by managing editor Han Fook Kwang. The reader must have forgotten that without a quality Singaporean workforce, he wouldn't be as successful.

The problem lies in our education system or "factory", which is designed for the sole purpose of churning out efficient and obedient workers to support our economy.

I have been working in a multinational corporation since the start of my career. One thing that differentiates foreign talent from locals is that the formerknow how to promote and market themselves well.

In contrast, Singaporeans just get the job done without vocally claiming credit during meetings and presentations.

It is the Facebook age now, we cannot afford not to flaunt our achievements. We need to make sure that we get as many "likes" as possible in real life.