SIA's brand still flying high

Senior correspondent Goh Eng Yeow's commentary ("The value of goodwill hunting"; June 30) tried to link Singapore Airlines' declining brand value with its slipping service standards.

I am afraid more research and financial data would be needed to bring this point home.

Brand valuation is, to a large extent, tied to a company's share price and returns.

Even DBS Bank's head of group strategic marketing and communications, Ms Karen Ngui, attributed its significant growth in brand value to its delivery of strong earnings growth in recent years ("DBS leapfrogs SIA to most valuable brand spot"; May 23).

For all the complaints about SIA that have surfaced in the media, there have been untold expressions of satisfaction by other customers.

The SIA brand - still the only brand to receive the country's highest brand rating of AAA- in the Brand Finance brand rating index - is admired worldwide and deserves our support and encouragement.

Our national carrier is operating in an ever more challenging environment with the rise of low-cost carriers, narrowing of the competitive gap with other full-service carriers, global economic upheavals, especially in the West, and so forth.

I have no doubt that SIA's best brains are doing all they can to try to improve the company's operating performance, such as through its recent US$17 billion (S$21billion) deal to buy 60 new jets.

It is such strategic measures and, naturally, the continued effort to improve customer service that will strengthen SIA's brand value down the road.

Yeoh Teng Kwong