First 18 graduate with NAC-NIE Specialist Diploma in Arts Education

SINGAPORE - The inaugural batch of 18 students graduated today with a Specialist Diploma in Arts Education under a programme developed by the National Arts Council (NAC) and the National Institute of Education (NIE).

Launched in Feb 2012, the joint specialist programme consists of 8 modules, spanning 240 hours in curriculum time.

Participants are equipped with teaching and learning theories, and techniques to facilitate creativity through classroom activities and projects.

It focuses on teaching and communication skills in an arts education environment and is offered to all arts instructors to complement their arts qualifications.

The diploma will strengthen the pedagogical skills of external arts instructors teaching in schools so that they can better complement the work done by school teachers.

Mrs Ruth Tan-Khew, valedictorian of the Specialist Diploma in Arts Education said, "This programme has broadened my understanding in designing courses for students and in the training of my teachers.

"Now, I think of more ways to help students discover learning through critical thinking, and finding creative solutions to challenges."