'I followed the blood'

One body found near Kovan MRT, blood trail leads to house about a kilometre way where another body was found.

SINGAPORE - It was faint and dry but it was clear to me that this was blood. And it had formed an unending trail.

I was at Kovan MRT following a tip-off from a 4.45pm call to our hotlline when I spotted it. The caller said there had been a hit-and-run accident there and someone had been killed.

But, the blood trail piqued my interest as I remembered seeing police officers stationed near Haji Yusoff Mosque, which was about 800m from the train station.

The blood trail continued in that direction.

So, although there was a body at Kovan MRT covered by a police tent, I decided to leave the place and follow the blood.

I hoped it would lead me to where the accident started and perhaps I could interview more witnesses.

So I walked the 800m along Upper Serangoon Road following the blood as it zigzagged between the three lanes on the road.

Oddly, when I got near the mosque where more police were, I noticed the blood trail did not end there. My senses tingled.

This was not your run-ofthe- mill accident. This was not even a hit and run. This was something more.

Then, I overheard people saying that something serious had happened in one of the terrace houses in nearby Hillside Drive.

So, I continued following the blood trail which was becoming more and more visible as I approached the houses there.

End of the line

There was no need for me to try and locate the exact house where there had been trouble.

I saw a large pool of dried blood outside a corner terrace house.

My instincts were confirmed. Someone had been killed in that house.

And that trail of blood I followed is believed to be from another person from that house, who was dragged by a car all the way to Kovan MRT.

What I had been following had, in effect, been a trail of death.