Teacher posts her nude pictures on Facebook

TUBAN, East Java: It is not known if she was simply not technologically savvy or she intentionally meant to flaunt her beauty to the world, but a female teacher from this coastal town has been arrested for posing nude and posting the pictures on her Facebook page.

The 28-year-old contract teacher of a private junior high school, set the world on fire after her students added her as a friend on Facebook and saw the pictures on her page two weeks ago.

Soon, her page was flooded with teasing comments from her students and the news spread like wild fire. Apparently at a loss as to how to remove the pictures from her page, the rare spectacle was seen by the unimpressed school management.

The widow, who has one child, was fired and subsequently arrested on June 27 by the police, who charged her with violating the Pornography Law. If found guilty, she could receive a maximum 12-year prison sentence.

Tuban Police detective chief Adj. Comr. Wahyu Hidayat said that the teacher meant to send the pictures to her boyfriend in a private message but, unfortunately, she did not follow the proper steps and ended up with the photos displayed on her page.

"The jail term she could face is pretty hefty," he told tempo.co.

He added that the investigation was still going on, when asked whether the teacher posted her photos on purpose or by mistake.