Customer service needs improving

I can relate to senior correspondent Goh Eng Yeow's recent unpleasant customer service experience with Singapore Airlines ("The value of goodwill hunting"; June 30).

Three years ago, my wife fractured her left ankle about 10 days before her departure for Britain, and had to rely on crutches to move around.

I called the SIA hotline requesting a switch to a roomier seat to lessen the inconvenience to her. But no amount of explanation could persuade the customer service officer to accommodate my request.

I even visited SIA's office to plead my case, to no avail.

Fortunately, when we checked in, the ground crew were quick in lending us a wheelchair during boarding.

The cabin crew, too, were considerate enough to offer us a wheelchair when it was time to disembark.

But needless to say, we have ceased travelling with the airline since then.

Aw Foong Chen