Deaths spark islandwide search

A grieving woman near the house where the older man's body was found. It is believed that the woman is the sister of the victim.

SINGAPORE - Wednesday's double deaths sparked an islandwide search for the car believed to be linked to the case.

Following the discovery of the bodies, an alert with the vehicle's model and licence plate number - a silver Camry numbered SGM 14J - was sent out to police officers at 5pm to keep a lookout for the missing vehicle.

A similar alert was issued to the public at 8.30pm.

Patrol cars were stationed along major roads, and three were spotted along Tampines Avenue 10 with blinkers flashing.

Naturally, the gruesome deaths attracted crowds of curious onlookers, including residents of the area, who came out of their homes after noticing the commotion and the large police presence.

Some gathered late into the night outside the police cordon near a building opposite 14J Hillside Drive, where a body was found and which was used as a holding area by the police to facilitate investigations and interviews.

Meanwhile, officers donning Criminal Investigation Department vests walked in and out of the victims' house, carrying out bags and boxes of evidence.

The deaths also resulted in a massive traffic jam along Upper Serangoon Road, which started at about 6pm and lasted until 10pm, when it gradually eased.

To help police investigations, several bloodstained roads, including a section of Hillside Drive and the centre lane of Upper Serangoon Road, were closed.

Lighted cones

Lighted cones were placed on the road, demarcating the bloodstains which stretched a kilometre till Kovan MRT station, where another body lay on the road.

Cars driving down Yio Chu Kang Road used the narrow and landed-property lined Kovan Road as a detour, causing a long jam along Kovan Road and Upper Serangoon Road.

There was confusion among the residents in the area, who were unsure how to get to their homes due to the road closures.

The traffic jam along Upper Serangoon Road stretched from Potong Pasir to after Kovan MRT station. Drivers also slowed down to take a closer look, slowing down traffic.

Over at Kovan MRT station, at 6.30pm, a middleage woman and a girl of primary school age appeared at the police cordon.

The woman looked upset and seemed to be asking the police to be allowed in, but was denied access. It is believed that the woman is the sister of the victim.

The body at Kovan MRT station was eventually moved from the road to the pavement at 11pm. As the body was being moved, the police tent covering it was removed and the arms of the victim appeared to be in a raised position covering his chest.

Meanwhile, the search for the vehicle continued.