Movie Reviews: Warm bodies

Teresa Palmer starred in Topher Grace's 1980s nostalgia piece Take Me Home Tonight, but Warm Bodies does a much better job of capturing the vibe of that particular era.

Even the soundtrack - featuring the likes of Guns N' Roses, John Waite and the Scorpions - brings to mind those halcyon days of teen movie bliss.

Reminiscent of the monster love story Edward Scissorhands, Palmer plays the feisty Julie, a normal teenage girl who happens to live in a walled city with the few remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

Her love interest is R (Nicholas Hoult), who happens to be one of the zombies.

The film is full of wit, much of it coming from R's deadpan voice-over.

When he catches himself starring at Julie, he reminds himself: "Don't act creepy."

Warm Bodies succeeds in creating a convincing zombie love story.

Just as Stephenie Meyer brought her sensitive touch to the vampire mythos in Twilight, the team behind Warm Bodies managed to find the humanity in animated corpses.

Unfortunately, the extras blow, with just some lame deleted scenes.