July 1 Enjoy indoor fun during the haze

I must congratulate you on the feature Beat The Haze (Life!, June 21) for providing many useful ideas. I wish to offer other suggestions.

How about indoor games? Scrabble, Boggle, Rummikub, Monopoly or even mahjong. There are also at least a half-dozen other games to choose from. Why not organise a chess competition among family, friends and neighbours, and hold the finals in the home of one of the players? Follow with drinks and dinner.

Take up the old paint brush. You may become the new Renoir or Picasso and it will be a product of the 2013 haze. Spring-clean and de-clutter. Then, there are the minor repairs and cleaning of the air-conditioning that one has been putting off.

This is a great occasion for schoolchildren. What about their coming music examinations? Let them pound the keys and secure a merit grade.

Ten sessions of sit-ups a day might produce a new sculpted you.

Sewing could be therapeutic. A little tear here, a missing button there - all these will no longer be found wanting.

Finally, we can sally into the world of high-tech gizmos and learn to use the iPad or iPhone with greater aplomb, no longer inviting sneers from on-lookers. Embrace the haze, rather than let it smother you.