Schools can help students keep safe

I refer to the report "Sex predator lures young girls" (The New Paper, June 21) about an offender who contacted two girls - aged 13 and 14 - on Facebook on the pretext of offering them a job and sexually abused them.

I felt very sad when I read this because these teenagers just wanted to earn some extra money but ended up getting hurt deeply.

I hope every school, right up to the tertiary level, makes it a practice to educate students about such dangers.

Before school holidays, the students should be told about what to look out for if they are considering a temporary job.

They must consult their parents and talk to their friends before going for any job interview.

Children are vulnerable and may panic if they are put in threatening situations.

So they must be prepared for what they may encounter out there and they must know how to make the right decisions, seek help and protect themselves.

Schools must take the initiative and do what is necessary to make the experience of vacation jobs safer for students.

Stephanie Quek