Korean model in Malay drama speaks the language

A 27-year-old Korean model, Kim Jun-sung, has been enjoying the spotlight after making an appearance in local series Autumn Di Hatiku, reported Berita Harian.

As the first Korean to act in a Malay drama, Kim started off as a model in South Korea.

When he furthered his studies at a university there, he took up Bahasa Melayu subject.

"Once I completed my studies, I came to Kuala Lumpur and stayed with a friend.

"Seeing that I could speak Bahasa Melayu, my friend introduced me to a production manager. From there, I got an offer to act in the drama," he said.

Kim said he does not believe in plastic surgery.

"For me, natural beauty is better. I will not do it because it is painful. If others want to do it, it is their choice," he said.