Fond memories from SDT alumni

Pioneers: A 1988 photograph of Singapore Dance Theatre members. Years have passed since, and the Singapore Dance Theatre has nurtured successive batches of dancers to their full creative potential and nourished their lifelong passion for the performing arts.


"As a young dance student, watching the founding members of the SDT provided me with a great source of inspiration.

"From living out of a suitcase while on tour to dancing under the 'rain' at the opening of the Esplanade, the SDT became my family, my home and the 'incubator' of my craft and dreams."

- Ms Cheah Mei Sing, in her late 30s and dance faculty head at the School of the Arts - in SDT from 1995 to 2005

"SDT developed us to become versatile dancers and helped me move forward to become a choreographer myself.

"I remember that when we performed on tour in Mexico in 2002, we received a standing ovation and there were fans waiting backstage to greet us and get our pictures and autographs. We felt like movie stars!"

- Mr Jeffrey Tan, 44, freelance dance teacher and choreographer - in SDT from 1990 to 2008

"One of the best experiences I had being in SDT was meeting and making new friends...

It was a simpler and more innocent time then; we were all young dancers working together in a common artistic endeavour, and the sense of teamwork and bonding was so strong.

"These experiences brought us so closely together that we are still friends today."

- Mr Kuik Swee Boon, 40, artistic director of local contemporary dance company T.H.E Dance Company - in SDT from 1991 to 2002