More than 3,400 households in Taiwan still in the dark following Typhoon Soulik

Over 3,400 households were still living without electricity yesterday after Typhoon Soulik knocked out power for some 1.1 million households nationwide over the weekend.

As of yesterday noon, there were 3419 households still without power. Taipower said that over the weekend they launched an operation involving 2,000 personnel to resolve the power outage, adding that they were planning to send out 778 men to continue their efforts today. It is estimated that by today, the number of households without power will have dropped to 100.

As of yesterday, power still needed to be restored to 539 households in Taoyuan, 2,045 households in Hsinchu, and 213 households in Chiayi.

Members of the public have said that it has taken a lot longer than expected for power to be restored. In response, Taipower said they understand the inconvenience that a blackout can cause. They noted however that with the amount of rubble, fallen trees, and blocked roads, it is difficult for their staff to do their job.

According to a Taipower spokesperson, engineers have worked around the clock to restore electricity, with one batch of staff finishing work at 2 a.m. yesterday, while others did not get a break until yesterday afternoon.

The spokesman added that in private areas their team has no authority to move obstacles without the consent of the land's owner.

"We will continue to work together with the government and do what needs to be to ensure the public can get back to their normal lives," said the Taipower spokesman.