Kovan murders: Friends, relatives bid teary final farewell to victims

SINGAPORE - Younger brother, Tan Chee Wee, was heard shouting at the funeral in Hokkien: "Dad, brother, don't worry I will take care of the family. Brother, your kids are my kids." The bodies were cremated around 3.40pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Kovan murders: Hearses leave wake; wife of elder victim leaves distraught
By Amelia Tan

The wife of the younger Mr Tan who had been calm throughout the rites earlier on Tuesday afternoon suddenly shouted out in anguish as she pushed the hearse carrying her father-in-law. She cried as she looked towards the sky and stamped her feet.

Kovan murders: Funeral of victims on Tuesday afternoon
By Priscilla Goy

At the last day of the wake on Tuesday, three priests arrived at about 10.30am and about 15 family members took part in funeral rites. About 40 other friends and relatives are at the wake, with more visitors expected to stream in before the hearses leave the Teochew Funeral Parlour in Ubi on Tuesday afternoon.

Kovan double murders: MPs visit wake of victims
By Priscilla Goy

Among them were Workers' Party Members of Parliament Sylvia Lim (Aljunied GRC) and Lee Li Lian (Punggol East SMC).

Kovan double murder: Police commissioner attends victims' funeral wake
By Walter Sim

A police spokesman said Mr Ng Joo Hee was there to pay his respects and to offer his condolences to the family of Mr Tan Boon Sin, 67 and Mr Tan Chee Heong, 42, the father and son who were killed last Wednesday in their home at Hillside Drive in Kovan estate.

Kovan double murder: Funeral rites for victims of grisly killing begin
By Walter Sim

Madam Ong - the elder Mr Tan's wife - let out a loud wail after seeing the bodies of her husband and son.

Victims' bodies claimed by family members

As the casket van left the mortuary, a teary Mr Tan Chee Wee dabbed his eyes with a tissue paper, while his uncle Ong Boon Kok placed a comforting hand around his shoulder.

Victims' family just wants justice
By Amelia Tan

But if suspect Iskandar Rahmat is found guilty, the family wants him to get "the full punishment he deserves".

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Hearse leaves wake; wife of elderly victim leaves distraught
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Funeral of victims of Kovan murders
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Funeral rites for victims of Kovan double murder
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