More go for customised Hari Raya money packets

JOHOR BARU - More and more people are now going for customised Hari Raya money packets. Some have photos of their family members printed on the packets while others come up with their own designs or motifs.

As for money packets for children, they normally go for cartoon drawings depicting children having good a time celebrating the festive occasion.

According to Sri Nagamas Printing Sdn Bhd branch supervisor Jessie Yeow Jia Xin, 30, those going for the customised packets wanted "exclusivity".

"While others might be happy to use the money packets they get free from banks or companies, it is not so for people who want to be different,'' she said.

Yeow said most customers at its Aeon Tebrau City outlet were corporate entities, businesses and small and medium enterprises.

Meanwhile, graphic designer Seri Rahayu Othman, 28, said customers started ordering customised money packets as early as May.

"They have a choice of hot stamping or embossed money packets or customised colour packets,'' she said.

Seri Rahayu said unlike the normal packets, which normally come in green, the company offered the products in various colours such as purple, navy blue, turquoise, light green, ochre, black, yellow and maroon.

"Black is popular this year and unlike the Chinese, Malays have no qualms giving duit raya in black packets," she said.