Injured workers deserve proper care

The following is a letter from a reader of The Straits Times:

It saddens me, a member of the medical profession, that commercial interest has resulted in a few black sheep putting the lives and limbs of foreign workers at risk by not giving them enough medical leave following workplace injuries ("Docs told to give injured workers enough leave"; last Sunday).

I hope that all Singapore residents will remember that this beautiful country was, to a great extent, built on the hard work, sweat and blood of these workers.

The country owes it to these workers, their families and loved ones to provide them with proper medical care when they are injured.

I applaud help groups like Transient Workers Count Too for looking after their interests.

We must not allow misdeeds to tarnish the good reputation of the medical profession and our country.

The issue at hand appears symptomatic of the pitfalls of the increasing commercialisation of the medical profession.

Lim Chong Sian (Dr)

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