Premium seating scheme for new stadium: SSC replies

We thank Mr Soon Sze Meng for his feedback ("Rethink premium seating scheme for new stadium"; July 2).

The Sports Hub caters to everyone in the community - the public, fans, spectators, sporting professionals and corporations.

With the recent announcement of the premium and platinum seats at the new National Stadium, we remain mindful of the fact that we do not deprive the public of having equal opportunity to access the venue.

Approximately 95 per cent of the National Stadium's total seating capacity will remain accessible to the public. Corporate participation and investment in sports is important for the development of the wider sports ecosystem.

Revenue generated from the sale of the premium and platinum seats will be reinvested to keep the Sports Hub's facilities, programmes and events affordable and accessible to everyone.

Any unsold event tickets tagged to the premium seating scheme will also be released to the public for sale.

Apart from the public's enjoyment of events at the National Stadium, there will be a wide range of community sports facilities in the Sports Hub available to the public free, for example, skate parks, beach volleyball and basketball courts, as well as cycling and jogging tracks.

Other facilities such as the Aquatics Centre and Multi-Purpose Indoor Arena will be open to the public at affordable prices.

The sports promenade will also be integrated with retail and waterfront offerings, which will encourage Singaporeans to live better through sports at the Sports Hub.

We look forward to welcoming Mr Soon and fellow Singaporeans to the Sports Hub when it opens in April next year.

Alvin Hang
Director, Corporate Communications and Relations
Singapore Sports Council
Sam Eatwell
Communications Manager
SportsHub Pte Ltd