Remove unfair practices against seniors

The call by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for insurers to re-examine the higher premiums that older drivers have to pay is timely ("Time to relook how older drivers are insured: MAS"; last Friday).

While it is true that one's reflexes slow down with age, it does not mean older drivers are more accident-prone.

In fact, they are more careful and less likely to speed. Thus, making them pay higher premiums is unfair.

Another instance where senior citizens receive less-than-fair treatment is when they apply for credit cards from banks.

Their applications must be accompanied by their latest salary letter or Central Provident Fund monthly statement.

But retirees obviously would not have these documents. Since credit-worthiness is the issue, wouldn't a check on the applicant's bank account or assets be enough?

Senior citizens also face discrimination in the area of employment. Employers tend to favour hiring younger staff.

If a person is unlucky enough to lose his job when he is, say, 50 years old, his chances of landing another one are minimal, regardless of his experience.

Let's walk the talk by removing unfair practices against older Singaporeans.

Adam Chan Teck Guan

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