Police officers are doing a good job keeping us safe

SINGAPORE - While I'm shocked and deeply saddened to learn that the Kovan murder suspect is a police officer ("Shock, disbelief at cop's arrest"; on Sunday), I am appalled by the responses of netizens to the arrest.

Many of the comments were totally uncalled for and outright disparaging to our men in blue, who serve with dedication and honour.

I did not know much or think much about the work of a police officer until my son was enlisted in the police force for his national service. During this time, our eyes were opened to the work that our men in blue do.

Our daughters can be out in the middle of the night and not worry that they may be raped and thrown out of a moving bus. We can enter a shopping mall without having to be patted down and screened for explosives. Our children can go to school and not worry about getting shot.

All this is possible because there is a group of men and women who work tirelessly to keep our streets safe.

I grew up in the 60s, when secret societies were active and the crime rate was high. I have witnessed how the police cleaned up the streets and made Singapore the safe place it is today.

I have visited many countries where you feel unsafe walking in the street even in bright daylight.

We have been too closeted and have lost our sense of the dangers around us. We have grown unappreciative of the work of the men in blue.

To our police officers, ignore all those nasty comments hurled at you for that one bad egg in the basket. Take pride in knowing that many Singaporeans, like I, salute you for the work you are doing.

- Jessie Tan (Ms)

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