Teacher tells pupil to write 1,000 lines for calling classmate 'sotong'

SINGAPORE - A local primary school teacher reportedly told a pupil to write 1,000 lines - because he called a classmate 'sotong'.

Thiyanes wrote to local citizen journalism site, Stomp, saying,"Primary school punishment becomes senseless. Primary school teacher punished student for calling classmate by nickname.

"Teacher asked student to write a sentence 1,000 times. He was told to write 'I will not call my friends names'.

"The student had called his classmate 'sotong'. "

The reader went on to add that the teacher had written the note in the student's planner to write the sentence 1,000 times.

She admitted that while punishing a child who had made a mistake is acceptable, she felt the punishment in this case outweighed the crime.

She added, "Punishment is to make a child know his or her wrong doing. Upon that we should teach them what's right or wrong.

"That is what teachers are for. This is definitely not the right way."

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