Home-made firecracker goes off at the wrong time

A man's left hand was severely mutilated after his makeshift firecracker exploded in his hands, reported Kosmo!

Ahmad Fuad Jaafar, 27, had his third and fourth fingers blown off and sustained serious injuries on his palm during the 4pm incident in Kota Baru on Saturday.

He had tried to create his own firecracker by stuffing firepowder from other firecrackers into the steel umbrella shaft.

"According to the victim, the shaft suddenly exploded while he was trying to compact the firepowder into the frame," said a source.

District police chief Asst Comm Azham Othman said he had not received any report on the firecracker incident.

However, he advised the public to refrain from playing with firecrackers, adding that the police would take action against anyone found to own or sell the illegal items.