Taiwan's TV stations fined for embedded commercials, violence

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The National Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday fined cable news channels CTi Television , ETTV and CTS for explicit content that violated the TV rating system and for airing embedded commercials.

The NCC said an episode of CTi TV programming on April 22 showed a "zombie rattlesnake" feature, noting that during the show, while one of the guests was talking about how rattlesnakes move after being beheaded, CTi played a video clip showing a beheaded rattlesnake opening its mouth and writhing on the ground.

The NCC said apart from the rattlesnake, the episode also played a clip of a beheaded frog jumping up and down in a close-up shot, which the NCC deemed as explicit examples of violence and blood, resulting in a fine of NT$300,000(S$12,700).

ETTV on April 25 broadcast news that indirectly promoted a specific pork rib rice restaurant, the NCC said, noting that both the news reporter and anchorman mentioned the name of the restaurant and promoted a particular dish.