Student crushed to death in apartment lift


KUALA LUMPUR - A Year 5 student was crushed to death when he tried to climb out of a stuck elevator which moved suddenly.

The horrifying incident, which occurred at the Desa Tun Razak apartments at about 1pm yesterday, was witnessed by 17 others in the lift.

Khairul Amir Azri Lani was on his way home to the 15th floor of the apartment after school when the tragedy occurred.

He had joined the other lift passengers, most of them students, to go to their respective floors.

During the ascent, the elevator suddenly came to a stop between the second and third floor. After being stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes, Khairul Amir decided to climb out of the lift.

He had only managed to stick his head out of the gap between the top of the elevator and the third floor when it suddenly started to make its ascent.

Khairul Amir, who could not free himself from the gap quickly, died after he was crushed by the moving lift.

The remaining occupants in it were rescued by firemen who received a call at 1.16pm.

Residents said the elevators were replaced recently after the old ones had malfunctioned.