Cleaning saga: Direct passion towards dengue epidemic, haze situation instead

SINGAPORE - I was surprised to see the amount of time and effort that the National Environment Agency (NEA) seems to have put into documenting its version of what transpired in the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council hawker centre cleaning saga.

I thought this had all been settled some time ago and that we were moving on, but apparently this is not so.

I fully understand the plight of hawkers is an important issue, and the Government has taken many steps to ensure their livelihood, but this particular case does not seem to be a matter of national interest.

The NEA should be aware that there are two matters of national interest that many Singaporeans are concerned about now - a bad dengue epidemic and the worst haze that Singapore has experienced.

I hope NEA will not be distracted by the issue of cleaning costs, and direct its passion towards resolving dengue and haze-related issues.

- Samuel Owen

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